*Important Information*

Where information is missing/conterdicting we will assume the following:

  • All Residential Doors will be Viewed from Outside
  • Large Outer Frame with Small Threshold/ 4/20/4 Clear Tough Planitherm total + Black Warm Edge Spacer glass/Open In
  • Cill 150mm Concealed Drainage White Furniture Trickle Vents None.

If information is missing from an order, we will pick the standard specification for sizes and furniture, applying min. and max. where applicable:

Size Limits

Minimum and Maximum Overall Sizes
Minimum Width No Midrails or Mullion 434mm
Maximum Width **NO SIDE PANELS 1084mm
Maximum Width Un-Guaranteed NO SIDE PANELS 1184mm
Minimum Height No TOPLIGHT Type 17 Lock 1324mm
Minimum Height* NO TOPLIGHT Std Lock 1864mm
Maximum Height*** NO TOPLIGHT 2234mm
Maximum Height Un-Guaranteed 2384mm
Minimum Welded Transom in Side Panel 254mm
Minimum Side Panel with no Transom 134mm
Minimum Side panel with Mechanical Transom 182mm
Minimum Transom Drop Welded 290mm
Maximum Toplight 1000mm
Minimum Transom Drop Mechanical 134mm
Minimum Side Panel with Midrail for letter box 428mm
Maximum Side Panel 1500mm
Jason LoweResidential Doors