*Important Information*

Where information on an order form is missing or contradicting, we will assume the following:

  • All Tilt and turns will be Viewed from Outside
  • Large Outer Frame/ A Rated/ 4/20/4 Clear Float Planitherm total + Black Warm Edge Spacer glass
  • Cill 150mm Concealed Drainage White Furniture Trickle Vents None

If information is missing from an order, we will pick the standard specification for sizes and furniture, applying min. and max. where applicable:

Sash Size Limits
Width Min 400mm Max 1440mm
Height Min 350mm Max 2440mm
Outerframe   Large Standard                Transom & Mullions Small STD
  Welded Transom and Mullion Mechanical Transon and Mullions
Height Min 190mm      Max2400mm Min 267mm  No Max    Min 180mm OF No Max  
Width Min 600mm       Max5500mm   Min 267mm  No Max    Min 180mm OF No Max  


Jason LoweTilt & Turn